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Advanced Protected I/O Controller Unit with IMU

  • The GEN-01 CARD is a MIL grade, advanced Remote or stand alone Analog/Digital I/O Card andMotor Control Card combined with 9 DOF IMU and GPS link.

  • The card is designed to interface with most types of common sensors and drive Solenoids, Relays,Hydraulic Valves, DC motors, Servo motors and more.

  • The card was designed to be compact, reliable and to function in harsh Military and Automotiveenvironments.

  • The technology is the same used in the advanced heavy IDF Army vehicles like MERKAVA andNAMER.

  • Based on an advanced ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller featuring impressive computing power andadvanced peripherals, allowing it to run sophisticated control algorithms and communication stacks

  • including DSP functions, filters, FFT, PID and more...

  • The GEN01 card is fully protected against harsh environmental conditions such as EMI, RFIMILSTD1275 and more…

  • The Card is equipped with 3-axis angle sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axismagnetic sensor, GPS port input and temperature sensor allowing it to act as sophisticated 9 DOF

  • IMU and quickly react to physical changes in its position or environment with preset values, or send

  • alarm massages to the host unit.

  • The card can communicate to External Radio modems, Cellular modems and GPS units etc. via its2nd RS232 channel.

  • The card can act as a standalone unit utilizing pre programmed control firmware programmed in the internal Memory, or it can act as Slave I/O card controlled from host unit via RS232 or CAN bus.

  • The card also features 3 Watchdog timers and BOR detection system.

  • CAN/RS232 Bootloader featuring the ability for field firmware upgrade via the host controller or bytechnician using only a Laptop computer.

  • The card as successfully deployed in few Semi Military Vehicles including ATV Guard Vehicle, Diesel generator Controller, Advanced Fans Controller and window heating controller, PID controllers.

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