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Military Automotive and Robotic Electronic Systems

We make it happen!!


Design custom solutions for control, interfaces, ECUs, sensors, and many other subsystems in vehicles and robotic systems.  


Our portfolio includes both large scale projects and small designs. Over the years, our designs have been proven to be extremely reliable and robust. 


Our clients range from leading corporations to startups. We focus on the military automotive and medical industries which require high reliability and robustness.



Our company specializes in development and contract manufacturing of military, automotive,
and medical systems. We have been in the market for over 15 years and bring a wealth of experience from the completion of many successful projects.

We focus on the development of computerized circuit boards including projects with advanced software. The systems we develop are designed for high reliability, simplicity in manufacturing, and long
term maintenance at a low cost. We integrate subsystems from various manufactures into complete
systems per customer specifications. In cases where no COTS solutions exist, we develop our own circuit boards to perform the task.

Our vast experience ensures short development times and reduced developmental costs. We are agile, flexible and open to quickly adjusting to changes during the development process. Our customers attest that working with us is easy, fluid, and pleasant while ensuring successful
project completion at the first attempt.

We comply with ISO 9001 and are a registered supplier of the Israel Ministry of Defense.



Tel: +972-52-8724171

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