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Mil Grade Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) and Power Distribution Card (PDU)

The PDU3 is a compact, multichannel Solid State Power Controller Module (SSPC) designed for the harsh military and automotive market.

Manages power for up to 26 independent channels. Each channel can be programmed for a rated current limit of up to 10 amps.


The PDU's form factor and high performance allows it to reduce the size, weight, complexity, and cost of the electrical
distribution systems by reducing the size of wires and circuit breakers on any power network.


Current Capacity:
26 Independent load channels with total load current of 120 amps:

  • 4 channels from 1 to 10 amps

  • 12 channels from 0.1 to 5 amps

  • 8 channels from 0.1 to 2 amps

  • 2 channels up to 3 amps

Channel paralleling is possible for driving high current loads

Low Power Dissipation Across All Channels
Protection & Control:

  • Independent remote control of individual channels or groups

  • Configurable overload (I²t) and short circuit (instant trip) protection for each channel

  • Trip override mode

Voltage input: 3 independent input groups 9V to 62V
Additional Capabilities:

  • The card includes 12 additional multi-functional I/O lines capable of reading analog/discreet inputs and driving up to 3A grounded loads such as solenoids indicator valves and motors.

  • The inputs can act as:

    • General purpose inputs for logic

    • Combat mode input to activate/disable critical loads in case of combat

    • AAO (all outputs on ) mode for working without firmware or communication

  • Activation/deactivation of outputs in case of exceeding preset angle or acceleration for example disabling

       automotive power in case of vehicle accident or turn over

Communication: RS232, RS422, RSRS485, CAN, CAN J1939, USB, ETHERNET, I²C, BT-Bluetooth, Lora - long
range wireless


  • Detailed information sent via communication channels including statuses and diagnostics 

  • Output status: ON, OFF, channel voltage, channel current, open load, over current, over temperature, over voltage, current threshold settings, card orientation, acceleration, magnetic north, heading

  • Continuous Built-in-Test (BIT), Periodic BIT & Power Up BIT

The Card is based on 32Bit Cortex M4 MCU/DSP with high computing power allowing it to run advanced
control algorithms such as PID, digital filters, advanced logic, and more

Operating: -40 C to +85 C
Storage : -55 C to +125 C

Compact Form Factor (12x120x25)mm

Designed for the harsh military and automotive markets

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